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Already purchased or leased an eligible vehicle? If so, start an application by clicking the “Apply” button below to create a program account. Applicants will then have access to a dashboard for submitting new applications, adjusting existing applications, or checking the status of submitted applications.

To be eligible, an application must be successfully submitted within 180 days of the date of vehicle purchase or lease. An application will be considered submitted once the form is complete, all supporting documents are uploaded, and the applicant receives an email confirmation that the application and documents were submitted.

PG&E Account Number and Electric Service Agreement ID

When completing a rebate application, applicants will need to include two numbers from their PG&E bill:

  • PG&E account number. This is an eleven-digit number and has a dash before the final digit (such as 1234567891-1). It is found at the top right of each page of each bill.
  • PG&E electric service agreement ID. This is a ten-digit number found on the “Details of Electric Charges” portion of each bill. For most customers, this will be on page 3. For customers with multiple addresses under the same account, be sure to include the service agreement ID corresponding with the address where the eligible EV is registered. For CCA customers, note that there will be two service agreement IDs for each rate – use the ID number for “PG&E Electric Delivery Charges,” not the ID for the CCA’s generation charges.

Applicants can find these numbers by logging into their PG&E account online at and selecting View Current Bill under Your Account section. View a sample PG&E bill.

The vehicle does not need to be registered to the PG&E account holder, but it must be registered at the address corresponding to this PG&E electric service agreement. PG&E gas-only residential customers who receive electric service from a municipality are ineligible for the rebate.

If we cannot confirm that the service agreement ID entered is correct and active by the time an application is formally reviewed, a copy of a recent PG&E bill will be requested.

Required Application Documents

Applicants are required to submit the following documents. To expedite the application process, be sure to upload legible copies or images in one of these accepted file formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, DOC or DOCX. If any of the documents have multiple pages, please combine them into a single file prior to uploading.

Once an application is started, the applicant must submit the completed application and required documents within 60 days OR the number of days remaining in the 180-day application window from the vehicle purchase or lease date, whichever is less. Please note, an application is considered submitted once all supporting documentation are successfully uploaded and an email confirmation has been sent.

For more details about required supporting documents, please refer to our Sample Supporting Documents PDF.

Proof of Vehicle Registration

After submitting an application, upload an image of the vehicle’s valid vehicle registration card or temporary registration showing the current residential PG&E service address. If there are two names on the vehicle registration card, choose one vehicle owner or lessee to apply for the rebate (only one owner or lessee, as applicable, may receive the rebate for a particular EV).

Current Vehicle Registration Card

Driver License

A copy of the applicant’s current (not expired) California driver license should be submitted as proof of residency. Please make sure all edges of the license are visible and all text is legible in the photo or scan.

Driver License

Vehicle Purchase or Lease Agreement

This is the legally binding contract signed at the dealership before taking delivery of the vehicle. It stipulates the terms of purchase or lease and may be on carbon paper or a digital copy. All pages of the purchase or lease agreement are required.

If the vehicle was purchased from an individual in a private-party sale, a copy of the Certificate of Title (pink slip) must be submitted in place of an agreement. If the vehicle was purchased from an individual in a private-party sale, but a bank or credit union holds the Certificate of Title, submit an Electronic Lien and Title document and the signed loan agreement.

Vehicle Purchase or Lease Agreement

If applying for Rebate Plus

If applying for the Rebate Plus option, depending on which eligibility scenario is met based on specific income-based requirements, the applicant must also upload some of the following additional documents with the application:

Public Assistance Program Document

This is a form demonstrating proof of enrollment in an approved Public Assistance Program at the time the vehicle is purchased or leased – for example, an Award Letter or Notice of Action. The applicant’s name must match the name of the participant enrolled in the eligible public assistance program (this document is only required if the applicant is verifying eligibility through enrollment in a public assistance program). Applicants submitting proof of enrollment for income-qualified Medi-Cal must provide the Notice of Action Medi-Cal Approval Letter that confirms they were income verified within the last 12 months. We do not accept health insurance membership cards for this requirement.

You may find a list of eligible public assistance programs here.

Public Assistance Program Document

IRS Form 4506-C

This form allows the PG&E authorized implementer (Center for Sustainable Energy) to obtain a copy of tax transcript(s) as income verification. A 4506-C form must be submitted for each person 18 years or older included in the applicant’s tax return for the year in which the vehicle was purchased or leased. If, at the time the application is filled out, the IRS has not yet required taxpayers to file taxes for that year, enter information from the previous tax year on the 4506-C instead (this document is only required if the applicant is verifying eligibility through the program income limits, and it will be provided to fill out during the application process).

You may find a copy of the IRS Form 4506-C for the 2023 tax return year here.

IRS Form 4506-C

Household Income Summary Form

This form is used to determine household size and household income at the time the vehicle was purchased or leased. Household size is made up of the household members listed on the most recently filed tax return, including any spouse or dependents of any age (this document is only required if the applicant is verifying eligibility through the program income limits, and will be provided to fill out during the application process).

You may find a copy of the PG&E POEV Household Summary Form here.

Household Income Summary Form

For more information on the Rebate Plus option requirements, please visit our Program Requirements page, Frequently-Asked Questions, and PG&E Pre-Owned EV Rebate program Terms and Conditions.